In this quality improvement project for the Swiss Federal Licensing Examination in Human Medicine it is investigated how the assessment of communication competencies can be improved with help of five work packages (needs assessment, symposium, development of new stations, improved rater training, pilot investigation).

The goal of this project is to further improve the assessment of communication competencies in the framework of the Clinical Skills part of the Federal Licensing Examination.

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Exam commission of the Swiss Federal Licensing Exam

Sabine Feller, Christoph Berendonk, Cadja Bachmann, Andrea Lörwald, Claudia Glauser, Ulrich Woermann, Kai Schnabel (principal submitter), Sören Huwendiek (principal submitter)
Zürich: Jan Breckwoldt, Ernst Jünger, Roger Kropf
Basel: Silke Biller
Geneva: Noëlle Junod Perron
Lausanne: Matteo Monti, Raphael Bonvin


Project information

Project period: 2014 – 2018
Funding: Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)